Sustainable Agriculture Through Continuous Improvement

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Agri-Esprit: Software enabled Farm Management Solutions

Agri-Esprit delivers software-supported services for medium to large farms and cooperatives. Our highly flexible and customizable data management system and our dynamic technological platform offer unprecedented access to data in support of documentation, enhanced decision-making, analysis and continuous improvement.


Continuous Improvement: A Business philosophy
Our services are based on improving “real-time” decision-making and on the “Continuous Improvement” concept. Once a plan developed and executed, results are documented and analyzed regarding specific performance criteria such as cost, product quality and/or amount of water or nutrients applied. Based on the analysis, improvement proposals are developed which become part of the new plan and so on.


Studies from other industries have shown that double-digit improvements on various performance indicators through Continuous Improvement systems have been realized. At Agri-Esprit, we help you develop and integrate such processes so that you can fully leverage techniques that have served industry so well over the past 30 years.